Cashmere vs. cotton silk cashmere - which is best for you?

It’s no secret that cashmere is the luxury fabric to indulge in. There’s nothing better than cozying up in cashmere knitwear on a chilly spring day. But does your cashmere clothing take a back seat when the warmer weather hits? Often associated with the winter months and a must-have knitwear choice for apres-ski, you’ll be surprised to find that cashmere can be a luxury you wear all year round.

Our cashmere is loved through the summer months because let’s be realistic, there’s always chance of a chill in the air. It’s hard to beat the supreme softness that cashmere knitwear offers. Locally sourced from a herding community in Mongolia ensures only the longest, high-quality fibres are collected. These all-natural fibres make cashmere a high-performance fabric, meaning it’s kind to your skin, breathable and insulating all at the same time. Whilst our premium collection is designed to elevate your everyday, we wanted to offer an innovative alternative that you could enjoy 365 days of the year. And now we have!


What is Cotton Silk Cashmere?

Our new summer blend collection offers a fine cotton yarn blended with silk and cashmere, meaning a super soft feel that’s naturally more breathable for warm weather. Striking the perfect balance of luxury, sustainability, and comfort, making it a fresh addition to our existing cashmere collection, and just in time for summer!

And what makes it so great? The collection expertly captures easy-to-wear and feel-good pieces that are both long-lasting and unique. Expect effortless silhouettes colored in pastel perfection and natural tones. A continuation of the CRUSH. handwriting we all love; it takes inspiration from the natural world and deliberately reflects the founder’s love for the ocean and passion for color.


Knitwear to wake up your wardrobe

Are you going on vacation this summer and need that knitwear piece you know you can rely on? Then our luxury cotton blend is all you need to keep you cool and comfortable. That dreamy packable that you know will go with every outfit, or your main stay cover up from beach to bar. In other words, the styles you can live in all summer long.

We have our eye on the Hinn Pleated Sleeve Shirt, a unique silhouette with stripped-back details allowing the super soft fibres to take centre stage. We see this paired with wide leg trousers for sightseeing or lunch dates, and just as easily worn as a throw on after a long day at the beach. We love clothes that work hard in your wardrobe, and this is one of them.


Cashmere and cotton silk cashmere on rotation

Sometimes our knitwear needs change, even during the summer months. Maybe there’s a cold spell, or we simply have some down time at home. We often match our clothes to our mood, and the fabric you wear can make all the difference. Cotton no longer makes the cut; we need true warmth that comforts us through the cold or vibrant colors that brighten up our day as soon as we put them on.

This is where our premium collection takes over, spun from 100% cashmere fibres that are supremely soft to the touch. Meaning it’s the perfect knitwear to lounge in comfort, or the luxury layer for dining al fresco. For us, the Prague Sweater never fails to give us that sense of style no matter the occasion. A versatile piece that fits effortlessly into your wardrobe. One you’ll be wearing long into the fall season too; this forever piece is one not to miss out on.

If you take anything away from this blog post, it’s this: your cashmere and cotton silk cashmere blend knitwear should be on rotation to style your summer. Both collections are designed to enhance and elevate, so all you need to focus on is living your best life!

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